Expectations vs reality

I paid my credit card bill yesterday and I was disheartened to see so many charges. I guess I had an expectation I’d have no charges because I wasn’t buying anything. But of course I do buy things: a coffee while I’m out, diapers from Amazon, weekly groceries. And to simplify bill paying a lot of monthly charges, like my cell phone, go straight to my credit card. Seeing more charges than I’d expected deflated me.

Did I really think I was not going to buy anything at all? How would I end up with no charges on my card? What was I thinking? I don’t know, but now I find I’m trying to buy even less, just to keep those charges off. And not even buying less in a realistic way. We’re almost out of toothpaste, but I didn’t buy any! I’m headed to crazy-town thinking this way. How crazy-town? I was wondering if I could make my own saline solution as I walked past the drug store on my way home.

It’s got me wondering how much of the buying I was doing in the past few years really is unavoidable, at least until I live in the country on my self-sufficient, off the grid, farmstead. In another few months I think I’ll compare my 2012 spending with the past three years, to see how it tracks. Maybe all the buying I felt like I was doing was mostly the daily life of a twenty-first century city dweller, with the odd book or sweater thrown into the mix.

In the meantime, I think I’ll splurge on store-bought saline. Oh these justifications to save my eyes! They’re just piling up now!

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In 2012, I'm not going to buy anything except what I've used up or worn out. For all else, I'll make do with what I already own or I'll do without. I've come up with some guidelines. Update: for 2013 I'm going to continue along, but not as strictly.


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