The remains of the duvet


Eat your heart out, Scarlett O'Hara! The above crappy photo shows an old 100% cotton IKEA duvet I’ve had forever. It’s been unused since we upgraded from a full-sized bed years ago. With spring in the air, I was feeling the need for a new dress. To the rescue? My unused Japanese “Stylish Dress Book”. Though the instructions were all in Japanese, the pattern for this dress seemed simple enough:


A few snips and some tearing and the duvet was into one giant piece of fabric. Like yards of fabric, all softened from so many washes back in the early 2000’s. (Headbands, kids shorts and dresses, and who knows what else will come along soon enough.) Some sloppy tracing on my part, a couple days of sewing, and voila!


Not the best picture, but I’m a lazy stylist! It’s a little big, I think I could have used a smaller-sized pattern, but not so bad for my very first dress for myself. Now if only that warm weather would return, I’d be able to wear my Stylish Duvet Dress. I might even tackle another dress from this book with the remains of my duvet.

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