Beds then desks then what?

Spring is in the air, and with it, my urge to get our house cleaned up and organized. My daughter Minna is two-and-a-half and beyond ready to move out of her crib. We bought bunk beds so the kids could share a room and we could reclaim our tiny office. I didn’t feel too conflicted buying bunk beds because Minna needs a bed.

But now with our office back, further organizing thoughts have struck. If we move our bed into the small office, we can turn our much larger bedroom into a nice big office! With rooms for all our books! With nice sunny space for productive work! And with that, suddenly, we need a desk, for I’ve been using my husband’s desk as a desk/sewing table for years. But if we have a bigger office, he’d like a dedicated desk of his own.

My friend Christie suggested (I *think* she was joking) converting Minna’s crib into my new desk. If only I had the skills and tools to do that! Even then, not sure it’s possible with the materials at hand. My initial thought was to buy a cheap desk at IKEA, but as part of Make It Do and conscious consumption, I don’t want to buy cheap products that will need replacing in a few years. If I buy a desk, I want something that I’ll use for the next twenty years, if not the rest of my life.

I don’t know if a new desk counts as something for me, or our household, or if that matters. I’m mulling this one over while we wait for the bunk beds to be delivered.

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